The main characteristic of La Llacuna's Nativity scene is, as it's set in the Major Square of the village, that it has to be set up and made apart on the same day. For this reason, there's only a representation.

A few weeks before the event, there are meetings where everybody can participate. In these meetings a lot of questions about the Nativity scene are decided: timetables, innovations, publicity...

One person or more are responsible of a scene. They have to find everything necessary. Everybody in the village take part: some setting up the scenes or the infrastructures needed: to close streets, lights... others contributing with material: straw, furniture, animals... others selling tickets, toasting bread, acting...

This page pretends to give you a little idea of the process.

On one hand we have the setting: a square with arcades, normally full of cars...


But the Saturday before the performance all cars are taken out and people start working. All the arcades are decorated and all corners are useful to set the scenes.

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Step by step the scenes are set up. During the weekend people work hard. On Sunday the aim is to finish everything before lunchtime.
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In the evening all is ready. Now, only clothes are needed and the actors will be ready to take up their positions.

Public waits impatiently... Finally the music sounds, the performance can start!