It all started in 1999. A group of people from La Llacuna suggested setting up a live Nativity scene.
The Major Square seemed an ideal spot because of its porticos.
There was great enthusiasm but nobody knew how to start. After a few meetings and searching for information, people decided to have the Nativity scene following Hebrew traditions. Pictures of the Illustrated Bible for Infants (ed. Plaza & Janés, col. Plaza Joven) were very useful.

The first year was a very busy one. We had to decide how many scenes would be staged and where they would be performed.
Clothes had to be made, the text and the music had to be agreed on, among a lot of other things.

At the initial meetings somebody suggested staging the Nativity scenes on the same day as the TV3 Marathon. The idea was accepted and since then, it has been done so.


The first year seven scenes were staged:

The announcement to the shepherds
The washerwomen
The peasant’s house
The Birth
The market
The devils
Jesus in the carpenter’s workshop

In the following years other scenes were added.

In 2000: The basket-weaver and The visit to Santa Isabel.

In 2001, a heavy snowfall a few days before the performance forced the organizers to call the event off.

In 2002: The ironmonger’s, The Iwn and The stonemason.

In 2003: The potter and The scribe.

In 2004: The Astronomers and The flight from Egypt.

In 2005: The "caganer", a man who shits.

In 2006: The bakery and The storyteller.

In 2007: The "escriba" and The oil-mill.

In 2008: The healer and The weavers.


Live Nativity scene'99, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 ,2007 and 2008 images